HDNR: Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

Natural Resources, Economic Development, and Risk Management

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Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
This field is at the cutting edge of the challenges we face today: shortages of food, clean water, fuel; population growth, emergent zoonotic diseases, economic development balanced with conservation of natural spaces and wildlife, and a host of other complex issues with no clear answers and diverse stakeholders. The field encompasses many disciplinary approaches, from innovation and social entrepreneurship to entomology and virology. It employs biology, ecology, hydrology, sociology, psychology, communications, information technology and business.


Current Projects

ResearchA grant-funded project for the National Park Service looking at how the visitors to national parks compare to the people who live near them.

TeachingA course on International Issues in Recreation and Tourism including the history, development, and preservation of international parks, preserves, tourist and historical sites

WritingAn article on: "Carbon Footprint Mitigation on Vacation: The Role of Ascription of Responsibility, Awareness of Consequences, Personal Norms, and Ecological Salience on Reported Pro-Ecological Transportation Choices"

TeachingA course on the social, cultural, political, economic and environmental impacts of tourism and strategies to mitigate them

Research & Writing Wrangling my dissertation


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